Meet Our Team

Yeap Thye Liang


Mr.Yeap is a Tunku Scholar, one of the most prestigious scholarships in Malaysia.  His active participation in hackhatons and technology competitions gives him the confidence and perseverance to start this home care startup.   

He is a social good warrior in heart and blue ocean strategist. His active involvement in community activity made him realised the elderly are the most neglected group and committed himself to do more things to recognize their contributions to the nation. His grandma’s bad experience in nursing home further drives him to contribute positively in the care industry. With the technology innovations, he believes elderly care can be more convenient and easily accessible to people at their comfort home. 

Liew Siew Fun

Clinical Advisor I

Ms Liew is a State Registered Nurse (SRN) graduated in 1996 with diploma in Nursing from Tun Tan Cheng Lock School of Nursing, Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya. She had 4 years of clinical experience in medical surgical nursing in Gleneagle Intan Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur.  

She joined Sunway Medical Centre Petaling Jaya as an operation theater scrub nurse. She has keen interest in nursing studies and was accepted into Monash University, Sunway to pursue her further studies in 2004 to obtain a degree in nursing. In 2005 she was promoted as a Clinical Instructor for the hospital.

In June 2006, she was admitted to a full time Masters of Nursing course in Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. In clinical practice in Australia she had visited many local hospitals and participated in the Belura hospital management programme in Mornington, Melbourne.

She is passionate about the quality of nursing education and nursing care and actively explores the changes and effect of professionalism in nursing and its effects on students, teachers and community.

Woo Li Fong

Clinical Advisor II

Ms. Woo is a State Registered Nurse (SRN) who graduated with Diploma in Nursing from Tun Tan Cheng Lock, College of Nursing, Assunta Hospital in 1996. In 2000, she obtained her Bachelor of Nursing Sciences from Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. 

 She has had 5 years of clinical experience in surgical-medical and high dependency unit in Assunta hospital. In 2009, she became a school nurse of an international school. Basically her role is to take care of a group of students from nursery to high school, providing them a basic first aid treatment and some health education. 


Chua Huei Leng

Clinical Manager

– Supervise, direct and co-ordinate all patient care and related services in unit.
– Provide a high standard of care, coach, guide and support staff through in-depth,
knowledge of nursing.
– Lead, plan, organize, and provide clinical support towards planned goals.
– Teach and train nurses to exercise responsibility and effective decision making.
– Maintain discipline and professionalism in the unit.
– Counsel and care for staff, patients and relatives.
– Ensure staff development and continuous learning.
– Participate in all levels of quality assurance activities.

Adeline Lau Li Shing

HR & Admin Manager

– Bachelor of Business Administration
– Experienced in Senior Categories Manager, Fruits & Vegetables
Division Manager, Sales and Development Manager, Admin and
Purchasing Manager, Category Manager, Head of General
Merchandise Department.
– Operate all the clients’ phone calls, hire caregivers, nurses and
physiotherapist staffs.

Crystal Lim Shin Nee

Chief Designer

– Bachelor of Graphic Design at Inti International College Subang.
-Provide Creative Development, Illustration & Visual
Conceptualization, and Printing & Production Assistance.
– Content Design, Print & Productions.
– Photography and Multimedia Content Development
– Website design and copywriting.
– Advertising and production of marketing materials.
– Participate in Road Shows, Exhibitions and Events.

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